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Photo: Jorge París

El Sombrero
Intervention in public space. Madrid
Bricks, 250x500x700 cm

Photo: Sacyr-Vallehermoso



Our project consists of an architectural construction in the form of a big cowboy hat. The material we use will be the typical red brickstone, which is so frequently seen in buildings in the periphery of Madrid. The work will take place in a wasteland in Legazpi. We deliberately flew from an urbanized space like a square or underground station. Wastelands belong to the public space although we usually don’t visit them and, even less, spend time there. It is part of the public space, inhospitable, desolated, an urban desert.

Its size as well as the materials and the location of the hat are proper features of an architectural construction. Nevertheless, the fact that it has no access to the interior reveals it as a non-habitable space. The work avails itself of architectural form and material in order to establish a dialogue between the city and its buildings. The idea of this project is to create a work in concordance with the urban context of Arganzuela, a funny but also respectful work, a play upon similarities and urban languages

Project realized with support of Grupo Spin